Cabling Services

Support Your Mature Trees with Cabling Services

From structural defects to poorly attached unions, splits, or decayed limbs, a tree faces many problems as it matures. Sometimes artificial support mechanisms are needed to minimize hazardous conditions and preserve the tree. Cables and braces are some of the methods available to support aging trees.

What Living Legacy Tree Care Can Do

Living Legacy Tree Care can help provide stability to your plants, improving safety, by using the Cobra Cable System. The Cobra Cable System is a dynamic, non-invasive cabling technology that does not require the use of steel parts or drilling into a tree. Cobra cable is made of a synthetic fibre that stretches to allow the tree to flex naturally. The system is also self-adjusting so it won’t girdle your tree and is designed to grow with your tree.

If you are unsure whether or not your trees need cabling services, contact Living Legacy Tree Care for a consultation. We are based in Kirkfield, but serve properties throughout Kawartha Lakes, Durham Region, and beyond.